The Peace of God (slides + sheet music)



The peace of God surpasses all
That I can understand.
It keeps my heart and mind secure,
In Jesus’ loving hand.
When all around me falls apart,
And fear consumes my soul,
Sweet thoughts of peace assure my heart,
That God is in control.
When ev’ry breath conceals a sigh,
And unshed tears increase,
I cry out from this desert land,
Imploring God for peace.
He answers me with gentle words,
To comfort and to shade,
“Let not your heart be troubled, child,
Nor let it be afraid.”
When ev’ning casts its shadowed fears,
That haunt me through the night,
The peace of God envelops me,
And darkness yields to light.
Though smiles may mask my brooding doubts,
While sight on earth is dim,
Through faith, the God of peace reveals
Eternal peace with Him.

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