A World Beyond Compare




As I behold the sunrise over the ocean,
I know that God, my Lord, is ever near.
I watch the waves that ebb and flow before me,
And know my life rests in His loving care.

As I behold the sunshine on the meadow,
I know that God provides for all my needs.
I smell the rain and feel the gentle breezes,
And know His love protects and comforts me.

As I behold the sky with clouds forthcoming,
I know that storms may fill my life with tears.
I hear the promise made to all the faithful,
And know that soon a rainbow will appear.

As I behold the sunset over the mountains,
I know that God controls the close of day.
I stand in awe of all that He’s created,
And dream of Heaven; a world beyond compare.


This is the day the Lord has now created.
Let us rejoice and fill the day with cheer (joy and cheer).
His Word still lives, and, yes, He watches over me (over me),
For day by day (by day), His hand is ever near (ever near).

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