Can You Sing?


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Do you feel like singing As you think of Heaven,
Do you have the joy of hope within?
Are your burdens lighter, Does your day seem brighter
As you cast on Him your care?

Are you filled with gladness, Have no cause for sadness
When you meet with saints to worship Him?
Do you share with others As your sisters, brothers,
Joy in God’s salvation fair?

Do your friends give comfort, Strength to help you conquer?
Do they live as God would have you do?
Do you help your neighbor, Finding joy in labor
As you walk in light so true?

You can have God’s blessings, Live a life refreshing
If you truly give yourself to Him,
You can be a light to Ev’ry fellow pilgrim,
Through the one who lives in you.


Can you sing, “I love the Lord?”
Are you living by His word?
Are you trusting Him each day, Walking in the narrow way?
Can you truly sing, “He is my King?”


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