Everlasting God




Maker of the heavens; Namer of the stars;
Binder of the oceans; Founder of the earth.
Wielder of the lightnings; Sender of the storms;
Ruler of creation; Everlasting God.
Everlasting God!

Weigher of the spirit; Watcher of the soul;
Searcher of the conscience; Trier of the heart;
Humbler of the prideful; Savior of the meek;
Arbiter of justice; Everlasting God.
Everlasting God!

Keeper of forgiveness; Pardoner of sin;
Bringer of redemption; Offerer of grace;
Hearer of the righteous; Answerer of prayer;
Giver of salvation; Everlasting God.
Everlasting God!

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