Lift Up Your Voice




Lift up your voice to all a Savior needing.
Tell them Jesus lives.
Lift up your voice for life from Him proceeding,
That He freely gives.

Lift up your voice, sing out the blessed story,
Of the dying Lamb.
Lift up your voice, proclaim the Father’s glory.
He’s the great I AM.

Lift up your voice, to praise the Holy Spirit,
For the word, divine.
Lift up your voice, let every human hear it:
Jesus Christ is mine.

Lift up your voice, to Jesus reigning over ups.
Blend your hearts in song.
Lift up your voice, and join the angel chorus.
Raise your voices strong.


Lift up your voice and sing it.
Sing it and tell it again.
Make every mountain ring it.
Sing Hallelujah, Amen.

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