The Armor Of Light


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The hour is at hand to awaken; The day of salvation is here.
As sons of the kingdom unshaken, Rise up and cast out all your fear.
Far gone is the time spent in weakness; Far gone are the shades of the night.
Now cast off the works done in darkness, And put on the armor of light.

The tempter is shrewd and unceasing; The battle is always at hand.
But even with pressure increasing, Our Captain is still in command.
Now strengthened by prayer and confession, We are not alone in the fight.
Now lay down the weight of transgression, And put on the armor of light.

Now cut off each source of temptation, Whatever it takes to be pure.
The joy of eternal salvation is worth any pain you endure.
For sin I will make no provision, But put on the Lord Jesus Christ.
Each day I will make the decision To put on the armor of light.

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