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Welcome to Songs of the Church!

Songs of the Church is a repository of hymns written for use by God’s people in the worship of the Creator. However, it is important to note that these songs are copyrighted, and may only be reproduced with permission. These songs are NOT covered by CCLI. You must obtain specific permission to use these songs, which is done when you order them through the website. The nominal fee charged per song goes toward ensuring that this website can continue. Lyrics are provided for reference and searching purposes only, and may not be reproduced or displayed without obtaining permission to do so.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Songs of the Church!

  1. At this time I’m only doing historical research for music I learned as a child from unknown sources. I have no plans to publish or make reference. Should that purpose or usage change then I will follow the guidelines and requirements of the law. As a retired pastor I appreciate the legal and moral ramifications as a former member of CCLI.

  2. How do we ask for shape note settings of public domain songs??

    1. Hi, John!

      Tim Berman here. I’m one of the editors for Songs of the Church, and I have just taken over the administrator role for this site. Sorry for the delay in response!

      I would be happy to help you track down shaped note settings of public domain songs. Depending on how many you need, I or one of the team might be able to provide them.

      Let me know what you’re looking for-

      In His praise,


  3. I am trying to register on your website and it is not accepting me. can you help me with this?

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