Brothers, Sisters, Lift Your Voices


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Brothers, sisters, lift your voices With the host of saints beyond.
Even Abraham rejoices, for the day of Christ has dawned.
Though they sojourned long before us, Still their witness sounds abroad.
Death cannot restrain their chorus, For they ever live to God.

Long ago that day was breaking In the land of Galilee.
Those in darkness were awaking As the Lord spoke by the sea.
Where the shade of death was looming, Jesus came to light the land,
Preaching, like the sunrise blooming, “Heaven’s kingdom is at hand!”

East and west, we come with singing To the kingdom of the Lord.
Patriarchs, their witness bringing, Share with us His great reward.
Far without, the darkness rages. Weeping fills the endless night.
But the faithful of the ages In this kingdom find the light.

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