Sing to the Lord! Stand by Me Album


Collection of 20 brand new hymns by the brethren, and 1 public domain hymn that is new to the brotherhood.

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This collection of songs is brand new to the Church, written by a talented group of women and men. While most our hymns were written by authors and composers of all different religious affiliations, this collection has been written by writers from within the churches of Christ.

Track Listing

  1. We Are One
  2. The Armor of Light
  3. This Time, I Will Praise the Lord
  4. Jesus, Our Lord and King
  5. Song of Jonah
  6. Brothers, Sisters, Lift Your Voices
  7. The LORD Is a Warrior
  8. Abba, Father
  9. Blessed Is the One
  10. Be Still
  11. Song Of Moses and the Lamb
  12. My Sins, My Sins, My Savior
  13. Have You Heard?
  14. Our Salvation
  15. Children of Heaven
  16. Lord, Stand by Me
  17. Stand Still and See the Salvation
  18. Hosanna!
  19. I Believe in Prayer
  20. My Living Is Christ
  21. Holy Is the Lord

Hymn recordings are the perfect teaching tool for these hymns, since most people learn songs by ear. We have also produced matching sheet music and slides with both lyrics and shaped notes, to encourage and preserve our wonderful tradition of 4-part harmony.

We pray these songs bless you in your walk with God, and bless the churches that sing them. May they serve to unite the brethren with rich truths from the word of God, and intuitive music to illustrate those truths. All glory to our loving God, for it is He who sustains us and graciously hears our prayers and hymns.


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