Songs of the Church is a project dedicated to making high-quality settings of sacred music available to churches for reasonable costs. We provide slides and sheet music for a cappella (non-instrumental) arrangements of such music.

It is important to note that Songs of the Church is not a music store, as such. We are functioning primarily as an engraving service. Many churches want to sing songs for which they don’t have the music, or there isn’t an arrangement suitable for use in a non-instrumental setting. Let’s face it, for a congregation that sings with four-part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) harmony, a lot of the “hymnal” arrangements that might be available from artists just aren’t usable.

Songs of the Church comes in by making arrangements of a lot of this music available to churches that have already secured licensing for it. Many churches have a Christian Copyright Licensing, Inc., (CCLI) license, which gives them the right to use covered music in the worship assembly, but doesn’t necessarily give them the music itself. This is where we come in. Churches with an active CCLI license can download the slides and sheet music and use them in the worship. Note that even if you purchase the slides and sheet music for a song in the CCLI catalog, you may not use it unless you either have an active CCLI license and meet the requirements of the license, or you obtain permission directly from the rights holder.

In addition to providing access to slides and sheet music for arrangements of CCLI songs, we also provide access to some songs that were written by lyricists and composers not registered with CCLI. For these songs, we have worked with the rights holders to obtain permission to distribute these songs through this site. A CCLI license is not required to use these songs. The rights holders have granted permission for purchasers of the music through this site to use the music provided that they maintain proper attribution and do not alter the published music and lyrics.

If there is a song not included in our catalog that you would like to see, please let us know.

If you are a rights holder and believe that your work is being improperly included in our catalog, please contact us and let us know so that we may address the situation.

In all things, to God be the glory!

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