Is It I, My Lord?




With disciples gathered around Him as He neared the end of life,
Jesus spoke of things that soon would come to pass.
A betrayer was among them who would soon fulfill his deed,
And in sorrow others all began to ask,

There was one of them who trusted in the fervor of his faith,
Yes, for Jesus he would gladly give his life.
But the Savior knew the trials and temptations he would face,
That before the cock crow, this one would deny.

There are many who are doubting that the Lord was risen up.
That the Savior lives their hearts cannot conceive.
For until they feel the nailprints and can touch the Savior’s side,
Then, like Thomas, they will simply not believe.


“Is it I?” Thou who sees into my future,
“Is it I?” Thou who knows the hearts of men,
“Is it I?” Can I bear to hear Your answer?
“Is it I, my Lord, is it I?”

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